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  • Actually, I did. Amazon often offers free shipping for items totaling $25 or more if they sell it. When it comes from the "marketplace", you usually incur shipping charges. In this case, the supplier is Tigerdirect and I will never spend any money with them (nasty experiences with them).

    I did discover that if you purchase the Verbatim BD-Rs from buy.com, the supplier is CircuitCity.com and they offer free shipping for items totaling $100.

    I did notice that a large number of websites are either "out of stock" or "discontinued", A few are also asking close to $100 for a 25 count spindle! Again, this behavior looks like the item is being replaced.


    • Blank Media

      I bought my BD-R 25 pack VERBs last week at Amazon.com for $34 free shipping!

      That was my last buy of any blank media, Switch over to MEDIA PLAYER and HDDs! Only way to go now! All media manufactures out socurce there products so much, you can't trust how good they are anymore!

      You Don't have to worry about "CINVINA" any more!, When your infected free stand alone player, quits playing! You can't go out and buy a new one, as of FEB.2012 all players have "CINVINA" in them! What to do?

      "MEDIA PLAYERS" and HDDs!
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      • imation printable

        I just started burning BDs a few months ago. Picked up a 25 pk imation White Inkjet Hub-Printable for about $16. Haven't had a single coaster in the first 25, so I picked up three more spindles last time they came on sale for the same price! At this price, they are way cheaper than DVD9 blanks for the same recording volume, and it is a lot easier to mix and match different length movies to use every bit of available space. Heck, this price is even about half of what the same storage costs with 1TB and 2TB HDD!

        Have to have printable discs with BD since I stack 8-9 movies on each one - just cannot write the information I want on the disc by hand with that many programs. I was really amazed I found printable discs that cheap, and that they have been reliable too!


        • Cheap Media Works for Me

          Originally posted by jbejm View Post
          I always used a cheap media DVD's which worked. but after servo month the DVD will not play any more even they where in the DVD book holder and away from any sun or heat.
          Not trying to start a fight or say this is wrong - just sharing a different experience.

          I have been buying my DVD+R and DVD-R blanks by price for years. The VAST MAJORITY of them have ALL worked wonderfully for me. I probably do not get more than two or three coasters per 100 for both +R and -R DVD5, no matter what brand. DVD9 are a completely different story, however. I find that technology very unreliable, and some brands have produced many many coasters. I also find that the DVD9s take such high power to burn that the lasers start failing after a couple of hundred max. I do not have that problem if I stick to DVD5s.

          BTW - what I have found over and over again with the burners and DVD9 discs is that when the laser begins getting weak, they still record just fine, but on playback, seek times get slow and the picture begins to show breaks and macroblocking towards the outer edge of the discs. This has been true for at least five different burners that I have worn out, and the problem goes away with a new burner and the same blanks. for this reason, I have learned to take every disc I create and carefully check every chapter all the way to the end of the disc on a standalone player before I call it good and put it in the library.

          I have well over 5,000 DVDs burned over the past six or seven years. The first couple of thousand were burned with standalone DVD recorders, and now all of them are being created on my computers with either DVDFab, Total Media Extreme, or VideoReDo.

          All of my discs are stored in disc binders or mechanical carousels, and I do go back to them a lot, even the very oldest ones. A year or two ago I previewed every program on all the first 2,000 discs to compare how bad the PQ was with the older recording technology and determine which of them I might want to replace with newer HD versions. So far, I have not found a single disc from my library that has failed from sitting! That does not prove that there may not be bad ones in there somewhere, but it sure shows that it is not happening much, if at all.

          Just for the record, the last 600 DVD5 I purchased were split between imation, TDK and DataRight. All purchased at Fry's on sale for between $9 and $15 per 100.

          The last DVD9 I bought were Kodak DVD+R DL 25 packs, and I have had two spindles out of five that have thrown a lot of coasters (blanks from the other spindles have been working fine). Thankfully I did not have any problem returning the bad spindles to both Fry's and Walmart.


          • my ebay auction

            25 pack optical quantums - 17 plus shipping

            50 pack optical quantums - 30 plus shipping


            • Optical Qantum 6x 50Gb glossy 10 for $40. ship free.

              runtechmedia.com ends 10/15/2012


              • verbatim dvd+r (95098) 100, $15.99 at newegg.com


                • Rakuten.com


                  Check them out... just ordered another 100 DVD -R 4.7GB 1-16X Inkjet printable to the hub.... $19.55 with free shipping.. Have used them for years...could count coasters on ONE hand..


                  • Thanks


                    • BD-R Media

                      I have a few questions. What Blu Ray brand is recommended for BD-R white inkjet printable. I have used JVC/TY DVD-R for years and have been completely satisfied. I am just now wanting to start backing up my Blu Ray movies. What size is recommended for the best video quality? BD-R 50 or BD-R25? I guess there is no inkjet printable for the BD-R50. I have some movies I got from Amazon UK recently since they are very cheap with the falling pound. Some are region free and some are region 2, Europe. Is there any DVDFAB program that will remove the region code for my backups? I know this was a lot of questions and I appreciate all the information given. Thanks a lot.