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  • Virtual Drive DVDFab Virtual Drive and Windows 10 Pro

    DVDFab Virtual Drive in Windows 10 Professional once in a while will not create virtual drive and it is not possible connect ISO file, because no virtual drive don't exist.

    At reinstallation with detects error unauthorized access and not deleting to files VDRIVE.SYS and DVDFABIO.SYS.

    Single possibility how error with creation drive repair is uninstalling DVDFab Virtual Drive, reboot computer and then again install DVDFab Virtual Drive.

    It is possible this error repair? Thank you Gtein

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    Thanks for the feedback, something similar was reported in the past https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/softwa...ount-iso-files. Still probably a WIndows Update issue. Sorry for the problem, please try the install As Administrator as mentioned in the other thread. My suggestion is to turn off automatic updates from Windows and manually review them carefully before installing.
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      Gtein, You might also try installing AND running it in 'compatibility mode' (you usually only have to set this once per install). That might prevent Windows updates from rendering it inoperable in the future. Or not. Might be worth a try. It doesn't take that long to uninstall, reboot, then re-install, and its more of a mild nuisance than a major headache, but give 'compatibility mode' a try. Personally, I would keep Windows updates on because they often include security updates and bug fixes. Also, if you have trouble with other software and apps, the first suggestion always is "be sure you have the latest Windows updates and drivers installed", so, again, compatibility mode might be the answer for you.


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        DVDFab Virtual Drive installed as administrator. Run it is possible only with option 'compatibility mode' Windows 7. At setting 'run as administrator' with DVDFab Virtual Drive will not run DVDFab Virtual Drive at Windows startup.


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          So today again isn't visible virtual drive, DVDFab Virtual Drive is running, but virtual drive in Windows 10 Pro there's not. Tested I'm all here recommend setting and result is same - error.

          It is possible this bug fix.

          Thank you Gtein


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            Hi, Gtein, just curious, do you run DVDFab Passkey on your computer as well?
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              Originally posted by Ashley View Post
              Hi, Gtein, just curious, do you run DVDFab Passkey on your computer as well?
              No. Have not installed.


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                Somewhere 1 month new install Windows 10 Pro 64bit and install and setting by here given instructions and DVDFab Vitrual Drive again the same bug isn't see DVDFab drive so it is not possible she use, evidently she block Windows 10. It is possible this problem fix and or I shall have to somewhere every month reinstall DVDFab Virtual Drive?

                Thank for Fixed bug. Gtein


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                  when the application will be updated ? it's so old now... please fix it !!! thx