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How to find firmware version?

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  • UHD Drive Tool How to find firmware version?

    Hello everyone.

    I just bought UHD Copy with a brand new LG Drive WH16NS60.
    Each time I try to launch a copy, I have multiple errors during the scan and even if I ignore them all, the copy does not work.
    I wonder if I need to use UHD drive tool because perhaps the firmware of the LG Driveis not the good one but I don't want to pay if it is not the case
    So is there a way to know the cuurent firmware of the drive before buying UHD drive tool?


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    Certainly, the easiest way is to install the ImgBurn burning engine (free) and start it with the drive connected to your PC and turned on. You will find the firmware as shown in the capture below: Generally, if your drive does not have "UHD Friendly" firmware, the disc will not even open or be recognized by the drive.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1-011IMGFIRMWARE.png Views:	1 Size:	25.1 KB ID:	368928

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